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How to finely control playback speed in VLC Media Player in Mac OS X

July 10, 2011

VLC Media Player One key difference between the Windows & Mac version of VLC is that the Mac version does not display your playback speed and does not have fine control buttons to slightly increase or decrease playback speed.

(An old) Windows version

Notice it displays playback speed

(An old) Windows version

vs. Mac version

Notice it does not display playback speed

Mac version of VLC Media player

For those of us who are students and Mac users, this is frustrating. Fortunately, it is possible to slightly increase or decrease the playback speed. Here is how:

1) Enter the preferences of VLC media player by hitting command+ , [command and comma at the same time] on the keyboard or by clicking “VLC” in the toolbar, then “preferences.”

2) Click hotkeys

3) Scroll down the list until you see “Slower (fine)” and “Faster (fine).”

4) For each (i.e. for faster (fine) playback), select it, then click change.

5) Push the keys on the keyboard that you want the hotkey to have. Since increasing playback speed is command+, I set command option + for finely increasing the playback speed and command option – for finely decreasing  playback speed.

6) Hit Okay

7) Hit save, then exit preferences.


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